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December 2018 - Volume 73 - Suppl 4

Thorax: 73 (Suppl 4)

BTS/BALR/BLF Early Career Investigators awards symposium

Paediatric lung disease: small lungs, big challenges

Use it or lose it: effective delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation

COPD: inflammation and immunity

Cough sweets

Atypical bugs, atypical challenges

Mucosal and microbial drivers of asthma

Fundamental pulmonary biology

Fundamental mechanisms of pulmonary arterial hypertension

COPD: risk and prediction

Tobacco dependence and vaping

Do you need to stick a needle in it? Pleural infection and pneumothorax

Signal failures: mechanisms of lung disease

Cystic fibrosis: correctors and potentiators

Novel imaging and outcome measures in ILD

Asthma: which biologic when?

The rise of the foot soldier: neutrophilic inflammation in lung disease

It’s all about your image: new approaches to thoracic imaging

The influence of influenza: from cells to humans

Asthma: controlling the uncontrollable

Take a deep breath: advances in pulmonary physiology

Lung cancer: catching the killer

Improving outcomes for patients with pulmonary hypertension

The long and short of it: chronic and acute NIV

Improving outcomes for malignant pleural effusions

Cystic fibrosis: measurements and mechanisms

Guilt by association: ILD genetics and co-morbidities

Optimising TB management

It’s time to talk about cough and spit

Under pressure: an update in pulmonary vascular disease

It’s a bug’s life: an update in pneumonia

Triggering and controlling asthma exacerbations

And so to sleep

In depth characterisation of COPD

Lung cancer diagnostics

Pick and mix: paediatric lung disease

Raising the bar: effective pulmonary rehabilitation

Understanding complications of cystic fibrosis

COPD: clinical investigation

Asthma: from diagnosis to treatment

Danger at work: occupational lung disease

Updates on treatment, prognosis and outcomes in ILD

Optimising inhalers for optimal asthma control

Something old, something new …monitoring and wearables for patient safety

Improving education and training: we don’t need no education

Ventilatory support from hospital to home

Clinical studies in TB and NTM

An update in lung physiology

COPD: therapeutics and trials

Developing pleural and interventional services

Exploring airways disease

Cancer screening and follow up

Improving outcomes through surgery and devices

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