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World Tuberculosis Day 2024

Thorax & BMJ Open Respiratory Research TB Collection

World Tuberculosis Day is on 24 March 2024. World TB Day 2024 continues with the theme “Yes! We can end TB”. TB is still one of the world’s deadliest diseases and recent years have seen a worrying increase in drug-resistant TB. World TB Day is an opportunity to renew commitment, inspire and take action to end TB. 24th March is the anniversary of the day in 1882 when the bacterium causing TB was first discovered. Find below the latest papers from Thorax & BMJ Open Respiratory Research on TB.


Challenging the gold standard: the limitations of molecular assays for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis heteroresistance Sarah N Danchuk, Ori E Solomon, Thomas Andreas Kohl, Viola Dreyer, Ivan Barilar, Christian Utpatel, Stefan Niemann, Dick van Soolingen, Richard Anthony, Jakko van Ingen, Joy S Michael, Marcel A Behr 29 January 2024 Association of indicators of extensive disease and rifampin-resistant tuberculosis treatment outcomes: an individual participant data meta-analysis Jonathon R Campbell, Sarah K Brode, Pennan Barry, Mayara Lisboa Bastos, Maryline Bonnet, Lorenzo Guglielmetti, Russell Kempker, Dzmitry Klimuk, Rafael Laniado Laborín, Vladimir Milanov, Rupak Singla, Alena Skrahina, Anete Trajman, Tjip S van der Werf, Piret Viiklepp, Dick Menzies 22 December 2023 Outcomes from a national screening program for Ukrainian refugees at risk of drug resistant tuberculosis in Wales Simon M Barry, Gareth Davies, Tamas D Barry, Jennifer Evans, Matthijs Backx, Mattheus Brouns, Ahsan Mughal, Stephen Kelly, Gareth Collier, Sakkarai Ambalavanan, Chris Davies, Hannah Sharp, Pam Lloyd, Yvonne Hester, Natalie Murray, Kelly Goddard, Linzi Johnstone, Jane Parry, Olwen Davies, Rhian Williams, George Ahern, Josie Smith 15 December 2023 Decline in prevalence of tuberculosis following an intensive case finding campaign and the COVID-19 pandemic in an urban Ugandan community Emily A Kendall, Peter J Kitonsa, Annet Nalutaaya, Katherine O Robsky, Kamoga Caleb Erisa, James Mukiibi, Adithya Cattamanchi, Midori Kato-Maeda, Achilles Katamba, David Dowdy 2 December 2023 Population study on diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of critically ill patients with tuberculosis (2008–2018) Christina So, Lowell Ling, Wai Tat Wong, Jack Zhenhe Zhang, Chun Ming Ho, Pauline Yeung Ng, Hoi Ping Shum, Alwin Wai Tak Yeung, Kai Cheuk Sin, Jacky Chan, Ka Fai Au, Ting Liong, Eunise Ho, Fu Loi Chow, Laptin Ho, Kai Man Chan, Gavin Matthew Joynt 15 June 2023

BMJ Open Respiratory Research

Multidisciplinary tuberculosis care: leveraging the role of hospital pharmacists Deni Iskandar, Ivan S Pradipta, Ani Anggriani, Maarten J Postma, Job F M van Boven 10 November 2023 Development, assessment and validation of a novel prediction nomogram model for risk identification of tracheobronchial tuberculosis in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis Qian Qiu, Siju Li, Yong Chen, Xiaofeng Yan, Song Yang, Shi Qiu, Anzhou Peng, Yaokai Chen 6 November 2023 Real-world impact of the fixed-dose combination on improving treatment outcomes of drug-susceptible tuberculosis: a comparative study using multiyear national tuberculosis patient data Min Seo Ki, Dawoon Jeong, Hee-Yeon Kang, Hongjo Choi, Hojoon Sohn, Young Ae Kang 2 November 2023 Prevalence and predictors of tuberculosis infection among people living with HIV in a high tuberculosis burden context Lilian Nkirote Njagi, Videlis Nduba, Marianne Wanjiru Mureithi, Jared Ongechi Mecha 17 May 2023 BTS clinical statement for the diagnosis and management of ocular tuberculosis Onn Min Kon, Nicholas Beare, David Connell, Erika Damato, Thomas Gorsuch, Guy Hagan, Felicity Perrin, Harry Petrushkin, Jessica Potter, Charanjit Sethi, Miles Stanford 4 April 2022