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World Sleep Day 2024

Thorax & BMJ Open Respiratory Research Sleep Collection

World Sleep Day is March 15, 2024. World Sleep Day delegates and sleep health advocates across the world will take action in their local communities, clinics, and countries to raise awareness of sleep health. The theme for the 2024 World Sleep Day is Sleep Equity for Global Health. Sleep is essential to health, but measurable differences in sleep health persist across populations across the world, creating additional burdens and reinforcing health inequities. Find below the latest papers from Thorax & BMJ Open Respiratory Research on sleep medicine. Share using the #WorldSleepDay online.


Combination pharmacological therapy targeting multiple mechanisms of sleep apnoea: a randomised controlled cross-over trial Scott A Sands Jinny Collet, Laura K Gell, Nicole Calianese, Lauren B Hess, Daniel Vena, Ali Azarbarzin, Suzanne M Bertisch, Shane Landry, Luke Thomson, Simon A Joosten, Garun S Hamilton, Bradley A Edwards 15 February 2024 Intensive care unit interventions to promote sleep and circadian biology in reducing incident delirium: a scoping review M Elizabeth Wilcox, Lisa Burry, Marina Englesakis, Briar Coman, Marietou Daou, Frank MP van Haren, E Wes Ely, Karen J Bosma, Melissa P Knauert 13 February 2024 Effects of non-invasive ventilation on sleep in chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure Neeraj M Shah, Joerg Steier, Nicholas Hart, Georgios Kaltsakas 18 November 2023 Efficacy of vibrotactile positional therapy devices on patients with positional obstructive sleep apnoea: a systematic review and meta-analysis Abdullah S ALQarni, Chris D Turnbull, Mary J Morrell, Julia L Kelly 17 October 17 2023 Endotyping, phenotyping and personalised therapy in obstructive sleep apnoea: are we there yet? Chris D Turnbull, John R Stradling 22 May 2023

BMJ Open Respiratory Research

Association between air pollutant exposure, body water distribution and sleep disorder indices in individuals with low-arousal-threshold obstructive sleep apnoea Cheng-Yu Tsai, Ming Liu, Huei-Tyng Huang, Wen-Hua Hsu, Yi-Chun Kuan, Arnab Majumdar, Kang-Yun Lee, Po-Hao Feng, Chien-Hua Tseng, Kuan-Yuan Chen, Jiunn-Horng Kang, Hsin-Chien Lee, Cheng-Jung Wu, Wen-Te Liu 8 November 2023 Association of sleep disorders with asthma: a meta-analysis Xueqian Liu, Cheng Hong, Zhiyu Liu, Lihua Fan, Moqing Yin, Yunhu Chen, Xiang Ren, Xuefang Gu 21 September 2023 Association of obstructive sleep apnoea with long-term cardiovascular events in patients with acute coronary syndrome with or without hypertension: insight from the OSA-ACS project Ge Wang, Huangtai Miao, Wen Hao, Guanqi Zhao, Yan Yan, Wei Gong, Jingyao Fan, Hui Ai, Bin Que, Xiao Wang, Shaoping Nie 27 June 2023 Patient compliance and satisfaction with a new forehead device for positional obstructive sleep apnoea treatment: a post hoc analysis of a randomised controlled trial Laura Hidalgo-Armas, Sandra Inglés, Rafaela Vaca, José Cordero-Guevara, Joaquín Durán-Carro, Jorge Ullate, Jordi Rigau, Joaquin Durán-Cantolla 22 June 2023 New perspective on exploring the predictive factors of blood pressure reduction during CPAP treatment in people with severe OSA and hypertension: a prospective observational study Zili Meng, Ying Chen, Ting Yang, Bo Sun, Chao Luo, Guihong Wei, Xiaochen Xie, Yang Gu, Ning Ding, Xilong Zhang, Jing Xu 11 May 2023