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Guidelines, Recommendations and Consensus Statements

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British Thoracic Society guideline for the use of long-term macrolides in adults with respiratory disease
David Smith, Ingrid Du Rand, Charlotte Louise Addy, Timothy Collyns, Simon Paul Hart, Philip J Mitchelmore, Najib M Rahman, Ravijyot Saggu

23 April 2020

British Thoracic Society Guideline for bronchiectasis in adults
Adam T Hill, Anita L Sullivan, James D Chalmers, Anthony De Soyza, J Stuart Elborn, R Andres Floto, Lizzie Grillo, Kevin Gruffydd-Jones, Alex Harvey, Charles S Haworth, Edwin Hiscocks, John R Hurst, Christopher Johnson, W Peter Kelleher, Pallavi BediSee the full list of authors

13 December 2018

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