Table 2

Balloon catheters that may be used in children (tested in vitro)

Catheter’s diameter 14 Fr
Catheter’s length 91 cm
Balloon’s length 100 mm
Oesophageal and gastric balloons
Concomitant enteral feeding
Guidewire/stylet to facilitate insertion
Measurement of intragastric pressure
Adult size only
SmartCath SmartCathG
Catheter’s diameter 8, 7, 6 Fr
Catheter’s length 101, 46, 42 cm
Gastric balloon (SmartCathG)
Balloon’s length for paediatrics 115, 65, 53 mm
Paediatric sizes
Concomitant enteral feeding (7Fr SmartCathG)
Catheter has to be cut to insert stopcock to perform dedicated calibration for paediatric use
Guidewire/stylet not included
Marquat (Marquat Génie Biomédical)Latex
Catheter’s diameter 6 Fr
Catheter’s length 82, 78, 70 cm
Balloon’s length 120, 80, 50 mm
Paediatric sizesPoorly described
Guidewire/stylet not included
Not radio-opaque
Microtek (Microtek)Latex
Catheter’s diameter 8 Fr
Catheter’s length 100 cm
Balloon’s length 100 mm
Fewer volume of airPoorly described
Guidewire/stylet not included
Cooper (Cooper Surgical)Polyurethane
Catheter’s diameter 5 Fr
Catheter’s length 86 cm
Balloon’s length 95 mm
Guidewire/stylet to facilitate insertionVery long balloon size which may be too large for infants.
Not radio-opaque