Table 1

Summary of human studies with gene expression profile data in asthma focusing on lncRNAs

StudyTechnologySample typeCandidate/identified lncRNAsUpregulated lncRNAs (n)Downregulated lncRNAs (n)
T cells
Tsitsiou et al 32 MicroarrayHuman CD4+ T cells from circulating blood
Severe asthma (n=12), healthy subjects (n=8)
AC090517.2Severe asthma versus healthy: 0Severe asthma versus healthy: 6
Human CD8+ T cells from circulating blood
Severe asthma (n=12), healthy subjects (n=8)
MEG3, SNHG3, FBLL1, GHRLOSSevere asthma versus healthy: 141Severe asthma versus healthy: 26
Qi et al 33 MicroarrayHuman CD4+ T cells from circulating blood
Asthma (n=5), healthy subjects (n=5)
lnc-NOS2-1, lnc-FAM222B-1
Asthma versus control: 863Asthma versus control: 1862
Qiu et al 34 MicroarrayHuman CD4+ T cells from circulating blood
Severe asthma (n=52), healthy subjects (n=45)
MALAT1, MEG3, GAS5, NEAT1, DANCR, HULC, FTLP3, KCNA3, CACS7Severe asthma versus healthy: 112Severe asthma versus healthy: 113
Chen et al 37 Next-generation sequencingHuman whole blood severe asthma (n=3), mild asthma (n=3) healthy subjects (n=3)RP5-857K21.7, RP11-58A11.2, lnc-TRAP1-1Mild versus normal: 20
Severe versus normal: 504
Severe versus mild: 50
Mild versus normal: 76
Severe versus normal: 104
Severe versus mild: 93
Zhu et al 39 Next-generation sequencingHuman whole blood
Eosinophilic asthma (n=9 of which n=6 had high IgE and n:3 had low IgE) and control subjects (n=3)
HNRNPU-AS1, RP11-4O1.2, RP5-998N21.4, XLOC_000953, OIP5-AS1, SCARNA10, XLOC_011115Asthma versus control: 27Asthma versus control: 14
Zhu et al 38 Next-generation sequencingHuman whole blood
Neutrophilic asthma (n=6), eosinophilic asthma (n=12) and control subjects (n=6)
LNC_000127Asthma versus control: 117Asthma versus control: 178
Liu et al 40 MicroarrayHuman airway epithelial brushings
Asthma (n=62) and healthy controls (n=43)
AC124067.4, ZNF667AS1, AC005906.2, AL357568.2, AC130650.2, STX18AS1, LINC02363, LINC02145Asthma versus control: 48Asthma versus control: 111
Austin et al 41 MicroarrayHuman primary ASMCs
Non-severe asthma (n=9), severe asthma (n=9) and healthy controls (n=9)
PVT1, LINC00472, RP5-1158E12.3, FKBP1A-SDCBP2Non-severe versus control: 15
Severe versus control: 13
Non-severe versus control: 6
Severe versus control: 6
  • A selection of lncRNAs of interest based on the focus of the article or literature is mentioned in the table.

  • ASMC, airway smooth muscle cell; lncRNA, long non-coding RNA.