Table 3

Calculated IOA and IOR for the final diagnosis and IOA for the individual nCLE malignancy criteria based on the scoring performances of the five raters during both validations sessions

κ value
Final diagnosis
 IOA0.78 (0.70–0.86)
Enlarged pleomorphic cells0.53 (0.44-0.61)
Dark clumps0.49 (0.41–0.58)
Directional streaming0.46 (0.38–0.55)
  • The data are presented as the IOA κ (95% CI) unless stated otherwise. Landis-Koch interpretation system: poor <0.2, fair 0.21–0.4, moderate 0.41–0.6, substantial 0.61–0.8 and excellent 0.81–1.

  • IOA, inter-observer agreement; IOR, intra-observer reliability was calculated by comparing the first and second validation session.; nCLE, needle-based confocal laser endomicroscopy.