Table 2

Comparison of systemic corticosteroid treatments and in-hospital death between case and control patients using univariate conditional logistic regression analyses

Drug category with potential riskCases
OR95% CIP value*
High-dose corticosteroid therapy124680.91562.8185.92123.0 to 280.9<0.001
Moderate-dose corticosteroid therapy1197.7280.519.3012.10 to 30.80<0.001
Low-dose corticosteroid therapy67143.52634.618.4715.17 to 22.48<0.001
Outcome of DILD
 In-hospital death53534.761010.85.244.49 to 6.10<0.001
  • *Denotes p values derived from univariate conditional logistic regression.

  • DILD, drug-induced interstitial lung disease.