Table 3

Drug categories with potential risk of drug-induced interstitial lung disease prescribed before corticosteroids and ≤3 days before discharge during hospitalisation and the results of univariate conditional logistic regression analyses for the occurrence of drug-induced interstitial lung disease

Drug category with potential riskCases (n=1541)Controls (n=5677)OR95% CIP value
Antiplatelets442.91502.61.010.69 to 1.460.977
Anticoagulants70.590.23.111.16 to 8.350.024
Statins603.92945.20.680.50 to 0.920.012
Sodium channel blockers100.6300.51.280.61 to 2.670.511
Class III antiarrhythmic drugs452.9350.66.803.96 to 11.66<0.001
ACE inhibitor90.6180.31.830.80 to 4.200.156
Thiazides110.7671.20.590.31 to 1.140.116
NSAIDs30219.656610.02.432.04 to 2.88<0.001
Antiepileptics161.0530.91.070.59 to 1.940.836
Sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim140.9170.32.891.36 to 6.130.006
Quinolones17511.42464.32.932.35 to 3.65<0.001
Tetracyclines402.6691.22.301.50 to 3.52<0.001
Beta-lactams63941.5194034.21.621.39 to 1.89<0.001
Anti-TB drugs140.9280.52.140.94 to 4.890.071
EGFR inhibitors734.7220.416.489.57 to 28.39<0.001
Pyrimidine161.0500.91.180.63 to 2.210.599
Anthracyclines90.6120.23.091.24 to 7.700.015
  • EGFR, epidermal growth factor receptor; NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.