Table 5

Top 10% significant gene ontology (GO) clusters and their keywords for the top 5% PC1 and PC3 negative and positive contributing genes from the 19-subject Severe Asthma Research Program study

# genes top 5% negative (N)378371
# GO clusters (N)9370
# genes top 5% positive (P)470477
# GO clusters (P)90117
Top 10% GO cluster order (N)ScoreKeywordScoreKeyword
113.92lysosome13.67ribosome, RNA processing
212.64cell adhesion6.88lysosome
39.14glycosylation5.24cell-cell adhesion
45.19host-virus interaction2.59phosphatidylinositol binding, retromer
53.93chaperone, endoplasmic reticulum2.56innate immunity
63.72cell adhesion2.33annexin
73.66ATP-binding2.23NAD, oxidation-reduction
83.45actin-binding, spectrin
93.36antigen processing and presentation, asthma, MHC class II
Top 10% GO cluster order (P)ScoreKeywordScoreKeyword
125.36immunity16.50cell-cell adhesion
212.41response to virus11.54innate immunity
37.68ribosome, RNA processing8.19cell membrane
43.66antigen processing and presentation, MHC class I4.73virus receptor activity
52.88infection3.77antigen processing and presentation, asthma, interferon, MHC class I, MHC class II
62.75NF-kappa B signalling3.74ATP-binding
82.39chemotaxis, cytokine3.65chemotaxis, cytokine
92.12Ig-binding3.55SH3 domain
103.53glycosylation, transmembrane