Table 3

Predictors of tPTEF:tE% in a Bayesian linear hierarchical regression model in a combined data set of BLT and BILD study infants born at term (preterm babies excluded)

n=586EstimateEstimate error95% credible intervalR-hatBulk ESSTail ESS
Intercept37.322.7631.55 to 42.511.0057897576
Maternal asthma0.681.92−2.92 to 4.681.0074499193
Male sex0.791.42−2.00 to 3.551.0010 82313 833
Maternal asthma:male sex−3.641.73−7.06 to −0.241.00862913 490
Second-born*−1.800.98−3.70 to 0.141.0090052827
Third-born or later*−1.981.16−4.25 to 0.271.0012 0964590
Age (days)−0.200.06−0.31 to −0.091.0014 51514 057
Exclusive breast feeding1.300.99−0.63 to 3.241.0091895330
Weight gain (kg)3.640.981.70 to 5.561.0013 73221 417
  • Bayes factor=37.12.

  • *First-born is reference.

  • BILD, Bern Infant Lung Development; BLT, Breathing for Life Trial; ESS, effective sample size; tPTEF:tE%, tidal expiratory flow to expiratory time ratio.