Table 3

Top 10 research priorities for PF as based on all stakeholders (overall rank), people with PF, caregivers and healthcare professionals/researchers, respectively

Overall rank
Research question
(importance score)
People with PF
Rank (IS)
Rank (IS)
Rank (IS)
P1 What medications can reverse scarring in the lungs of people with PF? (0.294)1 (0.300)1 (0.359)1 (0.256)
P2 What medications can improve lung function in people with PF? (0.235)2 (0.252)2 (0.271)5 (0.195)
P3 What are the causes of PF? (0.200)3 (0.188)3 (0.198)3 (0.219)
P4 How can we prevent PF? (0.179)6 (0.151)5 (0.162)2 (0.229)
P5 What are the most effective interventions to reduce shortness of breath in people with PF? (0.164)4 (0.161)10 (0.108)6 (0.190)
P6 What medications can reduce symptoms and improve well-being in PF? (0.151)8 (0.131)>104 (0.202)
P7 What are the most effective interventions to reduce cough in people with PF? (0.146)5 (0.153)8 (0.123)7 (0.144)
P8 What medications can stop PF getting worse over time? (0.126)9 (0.125)6 (0.161)9 (0.113)
P9 Can we develop anti-fibrotic drugs for PF that are equally effective as current options but with fewer side effects? (0.115)7 (0.137)7 (0.128)>10
P10 What is the best exercise programme for people with PF? (0.106)10 (0.117)>10>10
>10 Can breathing exercises improve symptoms and life participation in people with PF? >104 (0.166)>10
>10 Does educating GPs about PF lead to an earlier or more accurate diagnosis of PF? >109 (0.116)>10
>10 What are the causes of acute exacerbations of PF? >10>108 (0.117)
>10Does early diagnosis improve survival for PF? >10>1010 (0.109)
  • >10 indicates question was not ranked in the top 10.

  • GPs, general practitioners; HCPs, healthcare professionals; IS, important score; P, priority; PF, pulmonary fibrosis.