Table 3

Association between GRSs and pulmonary function traits

OutcomeGRSGRS effect estimate*SEP value
RangeMedian (25th–75th percentiles)Mean
FEV1 (L)17.5–29.521.5 (20.6–22.6)21.8−0.0290.0058.8×10−8
FVC (L)13.1–19.815.8 (15.2–16.5)15.9−0.0820.0105.7×10−15
FEV1/FVC34.2–51.542.1 (40.9–43.6)42.3−0.0040.0011.0×10−9
  • *Effect estimates provide the change in the trait (in litres for FEV1 and FVC, proportion with range 0–1 for FEV1/FVC) per one unit increase in the GRSs. Pulmonary function traits were regressed on the GRS for that trait, with adjustment for age, age2, state, gender, height, height2, asthma status, smoking status, pack-years, first 10 principal components, and for FVC only, body weight.

  • GRS, Genetic Risk Score.