Table 2

Respiratory outcomes 12 weeks after symptom onset

 Dyspnoea (present/absent)*12 (20%)
 UCSD dyspnoea score (n=59)11 (3–26)
 Cough (present/absent)12 (20%)
 Cough VAS, mm (n=58)10 (5–47)
Pulmonary function tests (n=57)
 FVC %-predicted94±16
 FEV1 %-predicted93±16
 TLC %-predicted86±13
 RV %-predicted85±19
 DLCO %-predicted77±16
6 min walk test
 Baseline SpO2 (%)98 (96–99)
 End of test SpO2 (%)97 (94–99)
 6MWD %-predicted96±16
 6MWD (m)504±107
High-resolution CT
 Ground glass score7 (2–16)
 Reticulation score2 (0–8)
 Total ground glass+reticulation score†13 (3–25)
  • Data are shown as n (%), median (IQR) or mean±SD.

  • *Dyspnoea was presented as a dichotomous (presence/absent) response, with no specified reference to their symptoms before COVID-19.

  • †The total ground glass+reticulation score median value is greater than the sum of the individual medians for these variables.

  • DLCO, diffusion capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in one second; FVC, forced vital capacity; 6MWD, 6-minute walk distance; RV, residual volume; SpO2, oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry; TLC, total lung capacity; UCSD, University of California San Diego shortness of breath questionnaire; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.