Table 2

Associations between age scores and respiratory symptoms

OutcomesWeighted %
(crude frequency: ‘yes’/total)*
OR95% CIP value
Primary outcome
Wheezing in chest13.04 (537/4388)1.181.02 to 1.360.03
Secondary outcomes
At least one sleep disturbance due to wheezing7.04 (304/4388)1.261.05 to 1.510.01
Wheezing during exercise6.91 (292/4385)1.341.08 to 1.670.007
At least one doctor, hospital or emergency room visit for wheezing8.17 (325/4388)1.050.87 to 1.270.64
Wheezing requiring prescription medication use9.45 (399/4388)1.351.13 to 1.630.001
Limitation of usual activities due to wheezing5.39 (229/4388)1.200.98 to 1.470.08
At least 1 day of school or work missed due to wheezing4.31 (169/4245)1.120.90 to 1.400.34
Dry nocturnal cough2.63 (124/4386)1.150.83 to 1.610.41
  • *Survey procedures were used to account for the NHANES survey design and to obtain population weighted estimates for prevalence and OR estimates. OR estimates were based on logistic models adjusted for age, sex, race/ethnicity, poverty to family income ratio, body mass index percentile, current asthma and total Healthy Eating Index score.

  • AGE, advanced glycation end product; NHANES, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.