Table 2

Education topics provided by the Harefield Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme

Education topicsProfession
Lung anatomy and diseasePhysiotherapist or nurse
Smoking cessationRespiratory nurse specialist in smoking cessation and health promotion
Breathing techniquesPhysiotherapist
Chest clearance techniquesPhysiotherapist
Energy conservation/pacingOccupational therapist
SALT (Speech and Language Therapist)—swallowing adviceSpeech and language specialist
Diet and nutritionDietician
Lifestyle (parts 1 and 2)Physiotherapist or nurse
Inhaler techniquesPhysiotherapist or nurse
Coping with your lung conditionClinical psychologist
Chest infectionsPhysiotherapist
Benefits of exercisePhysiotherapist
Onward exercisePhysiotherapy assistant practitioner
Peer supportPatient representative