Table 1

Participant characteristics and baseline data

Age (years)69.565.7 to 71.6
  Sex19 male; 4 female
  Height (cm)171169 to 178
Pulmonary function test
  FVC (% predicted)83.170.9 to 95.7
  TLCO (% predicted)54.140.5 to 77.0
  KCO (% predicted)83.168.1 to 92.1
DCE-MRI metrics
  FWHMmean (s)8.017.01 to 8.88
  FWHMIQR (s)3.662.72 to 6.51
  • DCE-MRI, dynamic-contrast enhanced MRI; FVC, forced vital capacity; FWHM, full width at half maximum; FWHMIQR, IQR of the FWHM; FWHMmean, mean FWHM; KCO, diffusing coefficient of the lungs for carbon monoxide; TLCO, diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide.