Table 2

Summary of correlations between pulmonary function tests and MRI metrics

Pulmonary function testFWHMmean FWHMIQR
rP value95% CIrP value95% CI
FVC−0.220.310−0.59 to 0.22−0.140.529−0.53 to 0.30
TLCO −0.410.054−0.71 to 0.02−0.460.026*−0.74 to 0.05
KCO −0.420.047*−0.71 to 0.01−0.510.013*−0.77 to 0.11
Change in FWHMmean Change in FWHMIQR
6-month change in FVC0.020.949−0.45 to 0.48−0.340.154−0.70 to 0.15
6-month change in TLCO 0.160.537−0.35 to 0.590.070.791−0.43 to 0.53
6-month change in KCO −0.390.095−0.72 to 0.07−0.100.695−0.54 to 0.39
  • * Designates p-value < 0.05

  • FVC, forced vital capacity; FWHM, full width at half maximum; FWHMIQR, IQR of the FWHM; FWHMmean, mean FWHM; KCO, diffusing coefficient of the lungs for carbon monoxide; TLCO, diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide.