Table 1

Characteristics of asymptomatic individuals with SARS-CoV-2 infection and symptomatic patients with COVID-19*

Asymptomatic individuals (n=39)Symptomatic patients (n=144)P value
Age, median (IQR), y25.0 (21.5–34.0)26.5 (22.0–46.0)0.22
Male sex, n (%)22 (56)62 (43)0.14
Underlying diseases, n (%)3 (8)26 (18)0.12
 Liver disease02
 Solid cancer01
 Rheumatologic disease10
Interval from the first swab for diagnosis to the start of isolation, median (IQR), days6.0 (4.5–7.0)6.0 (4.0–9.0)0.84
Interval from initial confirmation to follow-up RT-PCR testing, median (IQR), days12 (9–14)13 (11–15)0.06
Interval from symptom onset to follow-up RT-PCR testing, median (IQR), daysNA26±6NA
Positive result on follow-up RT-PCR testing, n (%)21 (54)92 (64)0.25
Ct values, mean±SD
E gene31.15±2.7231.43±2.80>0.99
RdRp gene32.26±2.8632.93±2.870.92
N gene33.05±2.5233.28±2.48>0.99
  • *Categorical variables were compared using the Fisher’s exact test or χ2 test, as appropriate, and continuous variables were compared using the Mann-Whitney U test or Student’s t-test. All tests of significance were two-tailed.

  • †Includes thyroid disease (n=1) and allergic rhinitis (n=1).

  • ‡Includes allergic rhinitis (n=8), hyperlipidaemia (n=2), thyroid disease (n=2) and nephrotic syndrome (n=1).

  • Ct, cycle threshold; NA, not available; RT-PCR, reverse transcription-PCR.