Table 4

MRI results

General qualityPatients and volunteers=59
Successful MRI (n/%)57/97
Quality static images (n/%)Bad 0/0.0
Fair 2/3.5
Moderate 8/14.0
Good 35/61.4
Excellent 12/21.1
Quality dynamic images (n/%)Bad 2/3.5
Fair 5/8.8
Moderate 6/10.5
Good 40/70.2
Excellent 4/7.0
Artefacts (n/%)None 38/66.7
Coil 12/21.1
General motion 6/10.5
Respiratory motion 1/1.8
Static Patients=47† Volunteers=10 P value
Vocal cord thickening (n/%)38/80.91/10
Abnormal vocal cord positioning (n/%)10/21.31/10
Vocal cords
Area (mm2)22.0 (17.7–30.3)35.1 (21.2–54.7)0.03*
AP diameter (mm)8.4±2.09.0±2.30.37
Transversal diameter (mm)2.8±1.03.8±1.20.01*
Area (mm2)62.3±27.066.2±34.80.70
AP diameter (mm)8.4±2.09.8±2.10.05
Transversal diameter (mm)6.3±1.45.7±0.80.16
Presence of tracheal deformation (n/%)25/53.20/0
Tracheal deformation
Area (mm2)28.6 (20.8–41.9)
AP diameter (mm)6.6±1.7
Transversal diameter (mm)4.4±1.1
Proximal trachea
Area (mm2)61.0 (39.9–83.3)86.1 (41.5–130.1)0.19
AP diameter (mm)7.3±1.58.1±2.10.16
Transversal diameter (mm)7.3±1.68.2±1.30.10
Area decrease at deformation (area deformation/area trachea,%)37.5±23.5
Complete abduction during inspiration (n/%)27/57.410/1000.01*
Complete adduction during phonation (n/%)18/38.310/100<0.01*
2D Patients=35† Volunteers=9
Inspiration areas (mm2 )
Vocal cords43.7±22.772.9±42.30.01*
Tracheal deformation38.4±13.7
Phonation areas (mm2 )
Vocal cords10.9±9.37.2±4.70.26
Tracheal deformation46.9±16.7
Difference in areas (%)
Vocal cords−72.1±23.7−88.9±7.30.04*
Cricoid−7.5 (−22.7–6.0)−5.5 (−0.4–19.0)0.02*
Tracheal deformation27.0±41.8
Trachea−3.4 (−10.4–8.0)2.2 (−4.6–10.5)0.21
  • Data are presented as mean±SD, median (IQR) or absolute numbers (n) and percentages. All areas and diameters are corrected for height in metres.

  • *P<0.05, data are corrected for height in metres.

  • †Cricoid measurements conducted in n=43 for static and n=33 for dynamic images, due to exclusion of patients with history of CTR.

  • AP, anterior–posterior; CTR, cricotracheal reconstruction; 2D, two dimensional.