Table 2

Patient and healthy volunteers characteristics

Patients (n=48)Volunteers (n=11)P value
Age at MRI (years)14.4 (range 7.5–30.7)15.9 (range 8.2–28.8)0.92
Gender (n/% female)25/52.14/36.40.37
Weight (kg)45.2 (IQR 34.5–62.3)60.8 (IQR 31.6–74.0)0.34
Height (metre)1.6 (IQR 1.4–1.7)1.7 (IQR 1.4–1.8)0.34
Type of stenosis (n/%)
Cotton Myer grade of stenosis (n/%)
Grade I4/8.3
Grade II15/31.3
Grade III27/56.3
Grade IV2/4.2
Location of stenosis (n/%)
Posterior glottis11/22.9
Posterior glottis and subglottis20/41.7
Tracheal cannula before repair (n/%)38/79.2
Type of reconstruction (n/%)
Age at reconstruction (years)2.2 (IQR 1.1–4.5)
Years since reconstruction 11.5±4.6
Comorbidities (n/%)Asthma 2/4.2
BPD 9/18.8
Cardiac 3/6.3
DiGeorge syndrome 1/2.1
Oesophageal atresia 3/6.3
Kartagener syndrome 1/2.1
OSAS 1/2.1
PMR 6/12.5
Tracheomalacia 2/4.2
  • Descriptive statistics. Data are presented as mean±SD, median (range or IQR) or absolute number (n) and percentage.

  • BPD, bronchopulmonary dysplasia; CTR, cricotracheal resection; ds-LTR, double stage laryngotracheal reconstruction; OSAS, obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome; PMR, psychomotor retardation; ss-LTR, single-stage laryngotracheal reconstruction.