Table 3

Estimated gross and per capita tobacco impressions delivered to 10–18 year olds in the UK from the four sampled films from 2017 containing tobacco imagery

FilmAge rating (BBFC)Gross impressions (million)95% CIPer capita impressions95% CI
IT1510.5310.22 to 10.841.561.51 to 1.61
Spiderman: Homecoming12a6.216.09 to 6.330.920.90 to 0.94
Dunkirk12a1.351.30 to 1.400.20.19 to 0.21
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle12a3.513.45 to 3.570.520.51 to 0.53
  • BBFC, British Board of Film Classification.