Table 2

Investigations rates, and stage, histology and treatments from the baseline LDCT scan

Number in total cohort
(% of total lung cancers, n=36 (*except treatments)
Number among those without a diagnosis of lung cancer
(% of total participants without lung cancer, n=732)
Diagnostic or staging investigations
 Positron emission tomography (PET)49 (136)16 (2.2)
 Percutaneous non-lung biopsy5 (13.9)0 (0)
 Other percutaneous biopsy6 (16.7)1 (0.1)
 Cervical lymph node FNA2 (5.6)0 (0)
 Fibreoptic bronchoscopy12 (33.3)9 (1.2)
 Endobronchial ultrasound10 (27.8)1 (0.1)
 Endoscopic ultrasound1 (2.8)0 (0)
 VATS or open lung biopsy21 (58.3)2 (0.3)
 Total: PET or invasive procedures29 (4.0)
 Invasive adenocarcinoma16 (44.4)
 Minimally invasive adenocarcinoma3 (8.3)
 Adenocarcinoma in situ1 (2.8)
 Squamous cell carcinoma6 (16.7)
 Mixed NSCLC (ie, adenosquamous)2 (5.6)
 Small cell lung cancer2 (5.6)
 Multiple or mixed histology (small cell + NSCLC)3 (8.3)
 Radiological diagnosis2 (5.6)
 Carcinoid1 (2.8)
Stage (TNM 7th edition)
 Stage I & II26 (72.2)
 Ia22 (61.1)
 Ib1 (2.8)
 IIa3 (8.3)
 IIb0 (0)
 IIIa6 (16.7)
 IIIb1 (2.8)
 IV3 (8.3)
Treatments (NSCLC) (*% are of total NSCLC)
 Curative intent27 (79.4)
 Sub-lobar resection11 (32.4)
 Lobectomy15 (44.1)
 SABR1 (2.9)
 Concurrent chemoradiation2 (5.9)
 Palliative chemotherapy±radiation4 (11.8)
 Surveillance1 (2.9)
Treatments (SCLC) (*% are of total SCLC)
 Radical chemoradiation2 (100)
  • CT, CT scan; DNA, did not attend; FNA, fine needle aspiration; GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education; LDCT, low-dose CT; LHC, lung health check; MDT, multidisciplinary team; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; SABR, stereotactic ablative radiotherapy; SCLC, small cell lung cancer; TNM, tumour, node, metastases; UKLS, United Kingdom Lung Cancer Screening Trial; USPSTF, United States Preventive Services Task Force; VATS, video assisted thorascopic surgery.