Table 3

Univariable Cox regression analysis in cohort 1 (n=103) and cohort 2 (n=108) demonstrating mortality prediction determined by change in various visual CT variables measured with 5-point ordinal scores

Study cohortVisual CT variable changeHR95% CIP value
Cohort 1

Total ILD extent1.891.30 to 2.730.001
Ground-glass opacity extent1.911.30 to 2.790.001
Reticular pattern extent1.541.07 to 2.220.02
Honeycombing extent2.211.50 to 3.280.00007
Traction bronchiectasis severity2.061.40 to 3.060.0003
Cohort 2

Total ILD extent1.601.18 to 2.170.002
Ground-glass opacity extent1.401.00 to 1.970.054
Reticular pattern extent1.681.17 to 2.420.005
Honeycombing extent1.871.27 to 2.760.002
Traction bronchiectasis severity2.611.60 to 4.280.0001
  • ILD, interstitial lung disease.