Table 1

Summary table of experiments and statistical tests including samples number, sample type, associated figure code, statistical test and summary p values generated by analysis of variance (ANOVA) or unpaired t-tests

Sample typeExperimentFigure codeP valueStatistical testMultiple comparison
Cell lineCFBE versus HBE (n=3) NTA1B(i)<0.0001Unpaired t-testNone
Cell lineCFBE versus HBE (n=3) NTA1B(ii)<0.0001Unpaired t-testNone
Cell lineCufi-5 versus Nuli-1 (n=3) NTA1E(i)0.2504Unpaired t-testNone
Cell lineCufi-5 versus Nuli-1 (n=3) NTA1E(ii)0.0209Unpaired t-testNone
BALFPWCF (n=3)–4 age groups NTA1G(i)<0.0001One-way ANOVABonferroni
BALFPWCF (n=3)–4 age groups NTA1G(ii)<0.0001One-way ANOVABonferroni
BALFPWCF (n=12) versus controls NTA1I(i)<0.0001One-way ANOVABonferroni
BALFPWCF (n=12) versus controls NTA1I(ii)<0.0001One-way ANOVABonferroni
BALFPWCF (n=6) adults versus controls NTA1J0.0002Unpaired t-testNone
Cell lineCFBE versus HBE autophagy stimulators (n=3) NTA2B0.0002One-way ANOVABonferroni
Cell lineCuFi-5 versus NuLi-1 autophagy stimulators (n=3) NTA2D<0.0001One-way ANOVABonferroni
Cell lineCFBE versus HBE correctors (n=3) NTA2F<0.0001One-way ANOVABonferroni
Cell lineCuFi-5 versus NuLi-1 correctors (n=3) NTA2H0.0002One-way ANOVABonferroni
Cell lineCuFi-4 versus NuLi-1 potentiator (n=3) NTA2I(i)<0.0001Unpaired t-testNone
Cell lineCuFi-4 versus NuLi-1 potentiator (n=3) NTA2I(ii)0.0036Unpaired t-testNone
BALFPWCF (n=4) pre/post ivacaftor2J(i)<0.0001Unpaired t-testNone
BALFPWCF (n=4) pre/post ivacaftor2J(ii)0.3689Unpaired t-testNone
BALFPWCF (n=20), control (n=10), proteomics3G<0.0001Hypergeometric test/BonferroniNone
BALFPWCF (n=20), control (n=10), proteomics4A<0.0001–0.0453*Unpaired t-testNone
BALFPWCF (n=20), control (n=10), proteomics4B0.0040–0.0346*One-way ANOVABonferroni
BALFPWCF (n=20), control (n=10), proteomics4C0.0006–0.0494*Pearson CorrelationNone
SerumHealthy controls (n=3), flow cyometry5B0.0497Unpaired t-testNone
SerumHealthy controls (n=3), MPO activity5C0.0153One-way ANOVABonferroni
SerumHealthy controls (n=4), neutrophil migration5D0.0352One-way ANOVABonferroni
SerumHealthy controls (n=3), neutrophil migration5F0.0159One-way ANOVABonferroni
SerumPWCF (n=8), controls (n=4), neutrophil migration5G0.0024Two-way ANOVABonferroni
SerumPWCF (n=3) neutrophil migration5H0.0014One-way ANOVABonferroni
  • *P value range is provided as multiple proteins analysed.

  • BALF, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid; MPO, myeloperoxidase; NTA, nanoparticle tracking analysis; PWCF, people with CF.