Table 9

Summary of COPD trials

Country conductedPopulation
Mean age: intervention/control
COPD intervention/control
Required an exacerbation in year before
InterventionFollow-up on treatmentPatients
Primary outcome
Albert et al 93 USAMean age: 65/66
COPD FEV1%: 39/40
Yes—at least one exacerbation
Azithromycin 250 mg a day12 months558/559Time to first exacerbation
He et al 97 ChinaMean age: 68.8/69.3
COPD FEV1%: 44.3/42.1
Erythromycin 150 mg three times a day6 months18/18Exacerbations airway inflammation
Seemungal et al 230 UKMean age: 66.5/67.8
COPD FEV1%: 49.3/50.6
Erythromycin (stearate tablets) 250 mg bd12 months53/56Exacerbations airway inflammation
Suzuki et al 102 JapanMean age: 69.1/71.7
COPD FEV1 L/s: 1.47/1.30
Erythromycin (ethylsuccinate tablets) 200–400 mg a day12 months55/54Frequency of common cold and exacerbations
Uzun et al 83 NetherlandsMean age: 64.7/64.9
COPD FEV1%: 44.2/45
Yes—three or more exacerbations
Azithromycin 500 mg three times a week12 months47/45Rate of exacerbations