Table 5

Mortality for a diagnosis of IPF adjusted for age and diffusion capacity, stratified by patient gender

HR for death during follow-up95% CIP value95% CI clustering by patient
IPF diagnosis (all patients)1.671.60 to 1.74<0.0010.98 to 2.82
IPF diagnosis in males 1.261.20 to 1.33<0.0010.72 to 2.22
IPF diagnosis in females 2.212.02 to 2.41<0.0011.12 to 4.35
IPF diagnosis in males (as identified by experts)1.321.10 to 1.590.0030.71 to 2.45
IPF diagnosis in females (as identified by experts)4.163.10 to 5.90<0.0011.65 to 10.62
  • IPF, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.