Table 4

Details of incorrectly ruled-out cancers according to the Brock or LCP-CNN models

Size (mm)DiagnosisLocationAge (years)SexSmoking statusBrock scoreLCP-CNN scoreResult
5Other primaryRight middle lobe61FemaleEx-smoker 0.57 16.72Brock false negative
5AdenocarcinomaRight middle lobe71FemaleUnknown 0.7 20.31Brock false negative
5Other primaryLeft lower lobe61MaleUnknown 0.74 38.17Brock false negative
5AdenocarcinomaLeft upper lobe56MaleEx-smoker 0.77 22.83Brock false negative
5Other primaryLeft lower lobe72MaleEx-smoker 0.78 56.19Brock false negative
5AdenocarcinomaRight upper lobe71MaleUnknown 0.88 29.78Brock false negative
7Other primaryRight upper lobe61FemaleEx-smoker3.5 1.19 LCP-CNN false negative
  • LCP-CNN, lung cancer prediction convolutional neural network.