Table 3

Identified AAT binding partners

AAT binding partnerP valueConfidence scorePeptide count
Complement C38.88×1015 370.2837
Complement C4-A1.00×1030 340.2934
Fibronectin8.88×1015 300.2830
Apolipoprotein B-1003.44×1014 250.2225
ITIH41.00×1030 200.3320
Serum albumin1.55×1014 190.2719
Apolipoprotein A-I6.71×1010 140.3014
Fibrinogen alpha chain1.55×1014 140.3014
Prothrombin5.55×1015 110.2411
Ig mu chain C region1.19×1011 90.209
  • Two-stage purification of AAT from plasma using size exclusion chromatography and co-immunoprecipitation (n=6), followed by identification of AAT binding partners by MS. The 10 highest scoring proteins identified as AAT binding partners are listed in descending order of confidence score and peptide count.

  • AAT, alpha-1 antitrypsin; ITIH, inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain.