Table 4

Ventilatory settings

GroupHome, N=25Hospital, N=28
Baseline3 months6 monthsBaseline3 months6 months
IPAP, cm H2O21.0±2.822.1±2.9*23.6±2.3*24.3±3.6†24.7±3.3†25.7±3.4*†
EPAP, cm H2O4.5±0.84.6±0.94.6±0.95.7±1.2†5.8±1.2†6.0±1.3†
IPAP–EPAP, cm H2O16.5±2.617.5±2.5*19.0±2.1*18.6±3.3†18.9±2.8†19.7±2.7*
BURR, breaths/min13.5±2.513.8±2.213.9±2.015.6±2.9†15.3±2.9†15.4±3.0†
  • *Significant increase from baseline to 3 months or from 3 months to 6 months.

  • †Significant difference between the groups at equal time points.

  • BURR, backup respiratory rate; EPAP, expiratory positive airway pressure;IPAP, inspiratory positive airway pressure.