Table 2

Gas exchange

Home, N=23Hospital, N=26Adjusted mean difference in change home versus
in-hospital (95% CI)
Baseline3 months6 monthsBaseline3 months6 months6 months–baseline
PaCO2, kPa7.3±0.96.7±0.9*6.4±0.8**7.4±1.06.5±0.5*6.4±0.6**0.04 (−0.31 to 0.38)
PaO2, kPa6.8±1.37.5±1.57.6±1.27.3±1.58.1±1.4*8.0±1.2−0.18 (−0.85 to 0.49)
HCO3 -, mmol/L33.1±3.830.8±3.2*29.8±2.9*33.6±4.230.2±2.1*29.7±2.8**0.2 (−1.5 to 1.2)
  • Data are shown as mean±SD. A positive mean difference means an increase from baseline to 6 months for the home compared with the in-hospital group.

  • Compared with baseline within the group: *p<0.05 and **p<0.001.

  • HCO3-, bicarbonate; kPa, kilopascal; PaCO2, partial arterial carbon dioxide pressure; PaO2, partial arterial oxygen pressure.