Table 3

Details of deaths during the intensive phase of TB retreatment

Details of eventLocation
Home-based treatment arm
Stevens Johnsons syndrome 2 weeks after starting TB treatment, 1 week after starting ARTHospital
End stage heart failure with dilated cardiomyopathy; on treatment for presumed TB pericarditisHospital
Acute febrile illness with jaundice; treated for presumed bacterial sepsisHospital
Disseminated Kaposi Sarcoma, pancytopenia, ascites, splenomegalyHospital
Headache, dysphasia, hemiparesis; treated for presumed cerebral toxoplasmosisHospital
Cryptococcal meningitisHospital
Sudden deathCommunity
Hospital-based treatment arm
Died while receiving bowel prep for colonoscopy; presumed electrolyte imbalanceHospital
Jaundice; presumed drug-induced liver injuryHospital