Table 2

Prebronchodilator lung function parameters for participants with grade A–C spirometry, including the CAPS subgroup

Participants with A–C spirometry
CAPS intervention arm
CAPS control arm
Intervention versus control *
FEV1 z-score, mean (SD)−0.48 (0.93)−0.41 (0.92)−0.60 (0.97)P=0.10
FVC z-score, mean (SD)−0.30 (0.96)−0.22 (0.97)−0.44 (0.98)P=0.05
FEV1/FVC z-score, mean (SD)−0.38 (0.90)−0.40 (0.91)−0.34 (0.93)P=0.57
FVC<LLN, n (%)37/522 (7.1%)11/167 (6.6%)12/133 (9.0%)P=0.57
Obstructive spirometry
FEV1/FVC<LLN, n (%)
33/522 (6.3%)11/167 (6.6%)10/133 (7.5%)P=0.93
Abnormal spirometry
(low FVC, obstruction, mixed), n (%)
68/522† (13.0%)21/167‡ (12.6%)22/133 (16.5%)P=0.42
  • *Comparison of means using Student’s t-test; comparison of proportions using Pearson’s χ2 test.

  • †Mixed pattern in two participants.

  • ‡Mixed pattern in one participant.

  • CAPS, Cooking and Pneumonia Study; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in one second; FVC, forced vital capacity.