Table 1

National Early Warning Score 2 (NEWS2) with risk score for oxygen saturations alone shown for scale 1 (normocapnic patients) and for scale 2 (hypercapnic patients)

NEWS2 scale 1 and original NEWS
(normocapnic patients)
NEWS2 scale 2
(hypercapnic patients)
Oxygen saturations, %ScoreOxygen saturations, %Score
91 or less383 or less3
96 or more088–920
93 or more on air0
93–94 on O2 1
95–96 on O2 2
97 or more on O2 3
  • Scale 1 is the same as the original NEWS oxygen saturation index and is recommended for most patients including patients with COPD without hypercapnic respiratory failure. Scale 2 is recommended for patients with hypercapnic respiratory failure, whose target saturations are set lower (ie, 88%–92%).