Table 2

Indices that comprise news and DECAF scores, and rates of missing data in each cohort

Derivation cohortValidation cohort
 Respiratory rate0.33%1.8%
 Oxygen saturation0%1.8%
 Supplemental oxygen1.5%0%
 Systolic blood pressure0%1.7%
 Level of consciousness0%1.8%
 Confusion (NEWS2 only)0%2.6%
DECAF score
 eMRCD score0%0%
 Chest X-ray consolidation0%0%
 Acidaemia (pH <7.3)0%*0%*
 Atrial fibrillation0%0%
  • *In patients without an arterial blood gas, it was assumed that none had an acidaemia of <7.30 provided oxygen saturations were 93% or more while breathing room air. This was based on data from the derivation cohort: of 118 patients meeting these criteria, none had an arterial pH of <7.30.