Table 7

Factors associated with time to death, multivariate explanatory extended Cox models

Cox modelExtended Cox model
HR95% CIP valuesHR95% CIP values
Predictive variables
 Zubrod 2–4 vs 0–14.42.55 to 7.60<0.0013.021.83 to 5.00<0.001
 Time from diagnosis to procedure (weeks)0.9980.996 to 0.99960.02
 Comorbidities: cardiovascular1.761.00 to 3.080.05
 Initial treatment type
   Surgery3.541.60 to 7.810.002
   Chemotherapy2.981.47 to 6.050.002
   Radiation therapy2.621.15 to 5.990.02
   No treatment<ref>
 Obstruction type of most proximal location
   Extrinsic2.631.54 to 4.50<0.001
   Mixed2.351.13 to 4.860.02
Explanatory variables
 Postprocedure treatment
   Chemotherapy0.420.26 to 0.690.0010.510.32 to 0.810.004
Time-varying covariates
 Utility0.0030.001 to 0.02<0.001
 Lower respiratory tract infection3.791.13 to 12.710.03