Table 5

Factors associated with mean benefit per day of life measured in utility

UnivariateMultivariate predictiveMultivariate explanatory
Coefficient95% CIP valuesCoefficient95% CIP valuesCoefficient95% CIP values
Predictive variables
 Age0−0.002 to 0.0020.94
 Male gender−0.008−0.053 to 0.0370.71
 Zubrod 2–4 vs 0–10.009−0.034 to 0.0520.69
 Baseline utility−0.478−0.596 to −0.360<0.001*
 Baseline Borg0.0190.011 to 0.027<0.0010.0220.014 to 0.030<0.0010.0120.007 to 0.018<0.001
 Urgent/emergent vs elective0.026−0.027 to 0.0790.33
 Time from diagnosis to procedure (weeks)−0.00006−0.00017 to 0.000050.77
   COPD0.009−0.054 to 0.0730.77
   Cardiovascular0.002−0.048 to 0.0530.92
   Diabetes0.027−0.024 to 0.0790.29
  Second primary solid tumour−0.016−0.087 to 0.0540.65
 Cancer type
   Lung0.028−0.016 to 0.0720.21
   Other malignancies<ref>
 Initial treatment type
   Surgery−0.016−0.069 to 0.0380.57
   Chemotherapy−0.019−0.077 to 0.0390.52
   Radiation therapy0.015−0.057 to 0.0860.68
   No treatment<ref>
 Any prior therapeutic bronchoscopy−0.087−0.16 to −0.0070.03
 Indication(s) for therapeutic bronchoscopy*
   Tracheoesophageal fistula−0.064−0.176 to 0.0480.26
   Haemoptysis0.009−0.045 to 0.0630.73
 Number of bronchopulmonary segments obstructed−0.003−0.007 to 0.0010.20−0.006−0.010 to −0.0020.006−0.003−0.006 to −0.00020.036
 Location of most proximal obstruction
   Trachea−0.027−0.010 to 0.0450.46
   Bilateral mainstem−0.047−0.146 to 0.0530.36
   Right mainstem0.032−0.038 to 0.1010.37
   Left mainstem−0.023−0.099 to 0.0530.55
   Right bronchus intermedius0.026−0.060 to 0.0940.55
   Lobar only<ref>
 Obstruction type of most proximal location
   Extrinsic−0.043−0.093 to 0.0070.09
   Mixed−0.031−0.102 to 0.0400.39
Explanatory variables
 ∆Borg at day-7−0.023−0.035 to −0.011<0.001
 ∆Utility at day-70.6930.581 to 0.805<0.0010.6120.498 to 0.725<0.001
 Ventilation type
   Jet ventilation−0.005−0.078 to 0.0690.90
   Volume cycled<ref>
 Bronchoscopy type
   Rigid and flexible−0.019−0.100 to 0.0620.65
   Flexible only<ref>
 Treatment modalities
   Any laser0.01−0.049 to 0.0680.75
   Electrocautery0.0470.001 to 0.0940.04
   Argon plasma0.007−0.038 to 0.0520.76
   Cryorecanalisation0.0810.030 to 0.1330.002
   Rigid ‘coring’0.038−0.032 to 0.1080.29
   Dilation−0.042−0.097 to 0.0120.13
 Stent at first procedure−0.035−0.081 to 0.0110.14
 Technical success
   Complete or partial0.003−0.068 to 0.0730.94
 Postprocedure treatment
   Surgery−0.058−0.170 to 0.0540.31
   Chemotherapy0.004−0.041 to 0.0480.87
   Radiation therapy0.004−0.040 to 0.0480.87
  • *Plot of residuals vs fitted values and White’s tests indicate significant heteroscedasticity; values reported but not used in multivariate model.