Table 2

Feasibility, acceptability and usability

% or mean
All patients
n (%) or mean (SD)
P values*Mobile mindfulness
n (%) or mean (SD)
Telephone mindfulness
n (%) or mean (SD)
Education programme
n (%) or mean (SD)
Eligible participants who consented≥70%90 (74%)0.33NANANA
Consented participants who were randomised≥60%80 (91%)†<0.0001NANANA
Randomised participants who dropped out
 Overall14 (18%)9 (29%)3 (10%)2 (11%)
 Before intervention initiated9 (64%)7 (78%)2 (66%)0
 After intervention initiated5 (36%)2 (22%)1 (34%)2 (100%)
Participants who completed all interviews‡≥75%66 (83%)0.098422 (71%)28 (90%)16 (89%)
Participants who completed all weekly surveys‡≥60%NA0.00417 (89%)NANA
Participants who completed all intervention sessions‡≥50%NA<0.000122 (92%)27 (93%)17 (94%)
CSQ score, mean≥1027.9 (3.7)<0.000127.6 (3.8)29.4 (3.3)25.7 (3.2)
SUS score, mean≥80NA0.03*86.5 (13.3)NANA
Number of participant clicks on website§NANA188.4 (220.8)NANA
  • *P values reflect the two-sided test of the difference between target percentages or means for all patients with the exception of the mean SUS score, which reflects comparison to the mobile mindfulness group alone.

  • †Denominator is 88 because of two consented who mistakenly met exclusion criteria; see figure 2.

  • ‡Among eligible participants who neither dropped out nor died.

  • §Using Google analytics; also see online supplement 2.

  • CSQ, Client Satisfaction Questionnaire; NA, not applicable; SUS, Systems Usability Scale.