Table 7

Routine monitoring tests

Mild-disease severityModerate - Severe
Severity Index scoringbaselinebaseline
BMI (Body Mass Index)annualannual
Exacerbation Historyannual6 monthly
Sputum Cultureannual6 monthly
MRC Dyspnoea Scoreannual6 monthly
CT (Radiological Extent)at diagnosis*‡at diagnosis*‡
Sputum mycobacterial culture†baseline‡baseline‡
Oxygen saturation monitoring (SpO2)annual6 monthly
Underlying cause investigationsat diagnosis‡at diagnosis‡
Comorbidities assessmentat diagnosis‡at diagnosis‡
  • *Consider repeat CT scanning in patients with primary immunodeficiency with scan interval of 3-5-years.380

    †This may need tailored in light of the local prevalence rates of NTM infections and in some centres may need undertaken on a regular basis. Further cultures at exacerbation may be appropriate.

    ‡Repeat investigations if a deteriorating patient.