Table 1

Patients’ characteristics for the whole population

Male (n (%))644 (72)
Age (years)56±11
BMI (kg/m2)29.9±6.9
 Normal (n (%))199 (22)
 Overweight (n (%))345 (39)
 Obese (n (%))163 (18)
 Severely obese (n (%))106 (12)
 Morbidly obese (n (%))80 (9)
Hypertension (n (%))694 (78)
Type 2 diabetes (n (%))401 (45)
Dyslipidaemia (n (%))551 (62)
OSA (n (%))683 (84)
SBP (mm Hg)133±17
DBP (mm Hg)81±12
HR (bpm)69±12
PWV (m/s)10.4±2.3
AHI (events/h)36.8±24.1
Mean nocturnal SaO2 (%)92.9±2.7
SaO2 <90% (% of recording time)10.8±18.3
ESS score9.5±5.2
  • Results are observed data. They are expressed as mean±SD or n (%). These percentages are before imputation of missing data. The imputation of missing data is shown in online supplementary table S3.

  • AHI, Apnoea–Hypopnoea Index; BMI, Body Mass Index; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; ESS, Epworth Sleepiness Scale; HR, heart rate; OSA, obstructive sleep apnoea; PWV, pulse wave velocity; SaO2, oxygen saturation; SaO2 <90%, percentage of recording time spent at a SaO2 <90%; SBP, systolic blood pressure.