Table 2

Summary statistics for plasma cotinine levels, overall and by self-reported number of smokers in the household (participants without measured cotinine levels above the LOQ were assigned the sample LOQ)

Participants by self-reported SHSMedian plasma cotinine and IQR (ng/mL)
Overall (n=1172)0.05 (0.02, 0.17)
Current smokers in the household*
 0 (n=777)0.03 (0.02, 0.12)
 1 (n=181)0.14 (0.04, 0.42)
 ≥2 (n=58)0.28 (0.08, 0.99)
  • *Data restricted to 1016 participants with self-reported SHS exposure data.

  • LOQ, lower limit of quantitation; SHS, secondhand smoke.