Table 1

Characteristics of the study population

TotalEver smokersNever smokersMenWomen
No of participants33431934140916381705
Person-years of follow-up66 85438 64828 20732 70934 145
Mean follow-up and range (years)20.0 (18.0–22.4)20.0 (18.0–22.4)20.0 (18.2–22.1)20.0 (18.0–22.3)20.0 (18.2–22.4)
No of incident COPD cases9679175145
COPD incidence per 1000 person-years1.
% men49.051.745.4
Mean age at baseline (years)34.234.733.534.334.0
Mean lifetime pack-years of smoking at follow-up10.620.613.37.9
% current asthma at follow-up8.
% of participants exposed (low or high)
 Biological dust32.332.532.030.034.4
 Mineral dust25.
 Gases and fumes43.545.840.451.735.7
 Vapours, gases, dusts and fumes48.450.146.156.440.7
 All pesticides4.
 Aromatic solvents16.417.115.426.76.4
 Chlorinated solvents13.114.211.721.15.5
 Other solvents28.527.829.432.125.0