Table 1

Baseline patients’ characteristics

Male gender12728.3
Age groups
Respiratory symptoms
 Shortness of breath43697.0
Lung function abnormalities
 FEV1/FVC ratio<0.7014833.0
  FEV1≥80% predicted21147.0
 FEV1%, 50–79% predicted16336.3
 FEV1%, 30–49% predicted5812.9
 FEV1%, <30% predicted173.8
Asthma control
  Uncontrolled, ACT<1512628.1
  Partially controlled, 15≤ACT≤1917438.8
  Controlled, ACT>1914933.2
 Salbutamol inhaler31870.8
 Inhaled corticosteroids8318.5
 Combination inhalers (steroid, LABA)6414.3
 Leukotriene modifiers6614.7
Risk factors and comorbid conditions
 History of smoking5412.0
 Exposure to bio-mass*39086.9
 Ever been treated for TB286.2
 HIV positive276.0
 Nasal congestion or rhinorrhea39688.2
 Heart burn/acid irritation27260.6
  • *Including use of wood, charcoal and kerosene for cooking or lighting.

  • ACT, Asthma Control Test; LABA, long-acting β agonist; TB, tuberculosis.