(D) Symptoms5–44 years45–74 years75 years and over
IMDN severe symptomsIRR95% CIN severe symptomsIRR95% CIN severe symptomsIRR95%  CI
Least deprived 1471.00Reference361.00Reference141.00Reference
Linear trend for IMD1.221.131.311.391.281.511.130.971.32
 (P value)<0.001< 0.0010.12
  • *Clinician-diagnosed-and-treated asthma; a combination of the questions: ‘Did a doctor or nurse ever tell you that you had asthma?’ AND “Over the last 12 months, have you used an inhaler, puffer or nebuliser prescribed by a doctor to treat your asthma, wheezing or whistling, or difficulty in breathing?”. Recent severe asthma; a combination of any of the following: in the last 12 months has had sleep disturbed one or more nights per week due to wheezing/whistling in chest, has found in the last 12 months chest wheezing ±whistling interfered with normal activities ‘quite a bit’ or ‘a lot’, has experienced symptoms of asthma ‘every day’ or ‘most days’, had difficulty sleeping one or more days due to usual asthma symptoms in the last week or had usual asthma symptoms during the day one or more days in the last week