Table 1

DECAF score

DECAF score Circle
D*eMRCD 5a (too breathless to leave the house unassisted but independent in washing and/or dressing)1
eMRCD 5b (t oo breathless to leave the house unassisted and requires help with washing and dressing)2
E Eosinopaenia (eosinophils <0.05×109/L)1
CCXR Consolidation1
A†Moderate or severe Acidaemia (pH<7.3)1
FAtrial Fibrillation (including history of paroxysmal AF)1
  • *Breathlessness assessed on a good day within the last 3 months, not breathlessness during an exacerbation/on admission.

  • †If a blood gas has not been performed, provided oxygen saturation breathing room air is greater than 92%, acidaemia can be assumed not to score. Please refer to the DECAF validation study for detailed instructions on scoring.7

  • AF, atrial fibrillation; CXR, chest radiograph; eMRCD, extended Medical Research Council Dyspnoea score.