Table 2

Clinical characteristics of infants with recurrent wheeze (RW) and healthy controls (HC)

Clinical characteristicRW n=37 (n (%))HC n=113 (n (%))
 Inhaled corticosteroids25 (68)0
 Oral steroid in past year29 (78)4 (4)*
 Leukotriene inhibitors10 (27)0
Asthma risk factors
 Parental asthma22 (59)45 (40)
 Atopic dermatitis or eczema in infant16 (43)28 (25)
 Food or environmental allergy9 (24)23 (21)
 Allergic rhinitis in infant16 (43)
 Wheeze outside of cold17 (46)0
 Parental history of smoking17 (46)0
Healthcare use for wheezing
 ER visit in past year32 (86)0
 Hospitalisation ever19 (51)0
 Intensive care admission ever7 (19)0
  • Allergic rhinitis was not assessed in the healthy infants.

  • *Given for croup.

  • ER, emergency room.