Table 1

Characteristics of the cohort for microbiome analysis

Age (years) at enrolment, mean±SD67.1±8.4
Female sex, n (%)42 (41.6)
Body mass index at enrolment, mean±SD27.6±5.4
Current smokers, n (%)40 (39.6)
Medication for COPD, n (%)101 (100)
  Inhaled corticosteroids, n (%)94 (93.1)
COPD status, GOLD stage, n (%)
  Mild0 (0)
  Moderate45 (44.6)
  Severe40 (39.6)
  Very severe16 (15.8)
Bronchiectasis status, n (%)10 (9.9)
Number of exacerbations experienced by subject in 12 months, n (%)
 One exacerbation31 (22.0)
 Two exacerbations23 (29.1)
 Three or more exacerbations47 (19.7)
FEV1 after bronchodilator use (% predicted), mean±SD47.1±12.8
  • GOLD, Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease; N, number of subjects in the microbiome cohort; n, number of subjects corresponding to characteristics.