Table 3

Distribution of vigorous physical activity variables*

First examination 
Second examination 
 ≤1 a month1559/391039.91499/389638.5
 1–3 times a week1833/391046.91736/389644.6
 ≥4 times a week518/391013.2661/389617.0
 ≤30 min1595/388041.11559/384540.5
 1–3 hours1675/388043.21514/384539.4
 ≥4 hours610/388015.7772/384520.1
 ≥2 times a week and ≥1 hour1450/387837.41635/384342.5
Changes between first (1999–2003) and second (2010–2014) examinations
 Inactive at both examinations1637/381642.9
 Active at first examination but inactive at second examination551/381614.4
 Inactive at first examination but active at second examination752/381619.7
 Active at both examinations876/381623.0
  • *There was a significant change in the distributions of all physical activity parameters (frequency, duration and active status) across the two examinations (McNemar-Bowker test, all P values <0.001).

  • n, number of cases; N, total available sample size.