Table 2

Distribution of measured lung function values by characteristics assessed at the first examination

First examination 
(1999–2003) (mL)
Second examination 
(2010–2014) (mL)
Difference between examinations* (mL/year)First examination 
(1999–2003) (mL)
Second examination 
(2010–2014) (mL)
Differences between examinations* (mL/year)
Whole population35107973028756−43.026.443779843992953−34.334.1
Smoking status
 Current smoker34807722951724−46.927.943649523954900−36.835.6
  • *Lung function at the second examination (2010–2014) minus that at the first examination (1999–2003), divided by time between the examinations. The means of the lung function parameters were significantly different across the two examinations for all lung function parameters (Student’s t-test for paired data, all P values <0.001).

  • †Defined as FEV1/FVC less than the lower limit of normal predicted using the Global Lung Initiative equations.29

  • ‡Report of either arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke. Only available for 19 out of 25 participating centres.