Table 15

Randomised phase III trials in first-line treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma

TrialYear of publicationTreatment armsOS (months)P value
Vogelzang1152003P/C vs C12.1 vs 9.30.020
van Meerbeeck1162005R/C vs C11.4 vs 8.80.048
Muers1172008ASC+ctx vs ASC8.5 vs 7.60.290
Zalcman1192015P/C/B vs P/C18.8 vs 16.10.017
  • ASC, active symptom control; B, bevcizumab; C, cisplatin; ctx, chemotherapy: OS,¬†overall survival; P, pemetrexed; R, ralitrexed.